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Managing your people should be simple, transparent and efficient. Our web based Human Resources software gives you the right information at the right time – so you can help your business perform

Do More with Less

Do More with Less

  • Reliable data: record once and store in one place
  • Reduce workload: tasks, alerts, automation, workflow
  • Configure HRMS to match your precesses
  • Empower managers: comprehensive reports
  • Employee ownership: manage records, holidays, sickness, timesheets
Anywhere, Anytime

Anywhere, Anytime

  • Web based HR – login via any browser
  • Available 24 x 7
  • Access via PC, laptop, tablet or mobile
  • Ideal for remote and dispersed workforces
  • Manage incidents and emergencies remotely with immediate access to data
Control Risk

Control Risk

  • HRMS enforces rules and procedures
  • Data visible only when authorised
  • Complete audit trial
  • Rules based exception monitoring
  • Alerts and reminders keep data policies up to date


  • No hardware: switch on and go
  • No software: click and configure
  • No costly upgrades
  • No unplanned downtime
  • No lengthy implementation: get started today
Global HR Software

Global HR Software

  • Global HR software: Manage your employees both globally and locally.
  • Set local rules for leave, working hours and benefits
  • Record salary data in both local and corporate currency
  • International HR solutions for a global workforce
Integrated HR & Payroll Software Manage

Integrated HR & Payroll Software Manage

  • Manage all of your pay data in one location
  • Set Approvals for variable pay awards
  • Audit Gross Pay before submission to payroll
  • Set up data feeds for local payroll processing
  • XCD HR solutions provides multi-currency and local currency conversion