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Data security in cloud HR systems

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In recent times there have been some alarming stories regarding data security breaches affecting individuals and major corporations.  Data security is a critical issue, whether at work or play, and the increasing ubiquity of cloud technology brings it ever more sharply into focus.

Cloud HR systems offer so many great advantages that for any growing company with a dispersed workforce, keen to leverage leading edge technology to its competitive advantage, they have rapidly become the option of choice. But whether you are a CIO or an employee, data security is a vitally important issue that demands careful consideration and forethought.

Download our white paper here to learn more about data security in cloud HR systems including:

–          Compliance with security, privacy and reliability standards

–          System status and performance metrics

–          Corporation wide approaches to privacy, reliability and trust

–          Data security in system development

–          Vendor security reviews

–          Physical data centre security

–          Network defence

–          Monitoring system activity

–          Data backup

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