How it works

Cloud based HR Solution

XCD is a scalable, cloud HR solution for ambitious and growing businesses. We work with visionary HR teams who need a simple, configurable system that works the way they want it to.

Our system gives you ‘people intelligence’ at your fingertips. Kiss goodbye to spreadsheets, paperwork and outdated, fragmented technology. Revolutionise your systems. Start driving value from HR so that you attract, incentivise and retain the best talent to exceed your goals and objectives.

We do this through a flexible, modular system that’s tailored to your needs. XCD is with you for the journey. A living solution which grows with your business.


Build it your way, incrementally

Only pay for what you need. Get to basecamp quickly with XCD Lite,
then the sky's the limit – we'll support you every step of the way.

What's your journey?

Start your
HR journey here

Want to escape from the spreadsheet mire? You've come to the right place. If you're struggling with paper-based HR solutions or outdated systems that don't talk to each other, start here. Head towards Basecamp and quickly get your HR information under control. What are you waiting for?!

Get to Basecamp
quickly with XCD Lite

HR life is good at Basecamp. XCD lite gives you secure, centralised information at your fingertips, and the relief of a joined-up system working the way you need it to on the Salesforce platform. Everything is under control. Stay as long as you like, or push your HR further. Carry on the journey, step by step, when you are ready to scale the peak.

Sky high at
Peak HR

XCD Professional gives you full visibility and the ability, and time, to make smart, strategic decisions. Bring every part of HR under full control, and use your people intelligence to get your teams firing on all cylinders, wherever they are in the world. Enjoy the view from Peak HR!

Simple, secure and accessible

Powered by Salesforce

XCD is built on a technical platform you can trust – Salesforce. Salesforce has 150,000 clients and millions of users. It's secure, supported, and future-proof.