XCD HR Software Implementation

Think big, start simple. Incremental implementation, not big bang, is the way to go. Get the basics sorted simply with XCD Lite. You set the pace and direction for the rest of the journey.

With XCD, implementation is swift and secure. Get to Base Camp quickly, and improve your HR performance over time. Your dedicated HR implementation consultant will be with you every step of the way.

The low down on XCD HR Implementation

  • XCD Implementation workbook – our HR consultants will guide you through the implementation workbook and set up your global and local rules and policies.
  • Best practice data upload – XCD HR has developed a tried and tested approach to ensure the integrity of all data uploaded into our solutions. This includes a defined best practice model for client data cleansing and guidance on the data fields required for upload into XCD HR.
  • Configure it your way – XCD HR can be configured in-line with your existing processes and procedures. You can tweak XCD HR’s out of the box solutions to meet your individual requirements. It’s simple to rename and add new fields, automate key HR processes, and modify page layouts. We can guide you on how to configure XCD HR or we can do it for you. It’s up to you.
  • Salesforce CRM integration – All of our solutions are native, built on the Salesforce platform. XCD HR can operate either as a standalone solution or be integrated into an existing Salesforce instance.

Training and after sales support make sure that you and your team get the most from the system. Initial implementation takes between six to eight weeks.

“I wanted a system that could be introduced progressively, at the speed at which people can learn about it. It’s made my life easier.”

Jordi Angrill – Stahl Holdings

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