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Payroll modules as part of a single soluton with HR

Finding a Payroll solution that can fit seamlessly with your HR processes can be both time consuming and expensive to implement.


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Why is it important to bridge the gap between HR and payroll?

HR has evolved significantly over the years, meaning many Payroll solutions have become obsolete or unable to integrate with HR solutions. With many outside factors like the laws and legislations for pensions in the UK, we will continue to see changes that is needed for HR solutions to adapt, creating the need for a flexible and affordable solution which caters for both HR and Payroll.

By understanding this shift, we have built a single solution HR and Payroll cloud solution which encompasses everything you will ever need from both entities. Bridge the gap between HR and Payroll with one system; manage employee rewards and benefits - including pensions, ensure correct payments with our comprehensive reporting facility and shorten your Payroll lifecycle by reducing data handling.

Time Modules

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