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“Join the XCD HR journey and challenge us to exceed your aspirations.” – Chris Mitford-Slade, CEO, XCD HR

Our aim is clear and simple: “HR that works for you”. We are transforming the way that HR and Payroll departments work by automating routine HR administrative tasks, making complex tasks simple and providing audit and compliance through reports and dashboards.

This year we launched our UK Payroll engine which extends our Gross Payroll solution to provide net payroll, RTI, auto-enrolment, BACS processing and payroll ledger for the UK. It is built and designed to meet the statutory requirements, processes and timelines for both RTI and auto-enrolment which we have been rolling out to new and existing clients.

This is a real step change – the vast majority of systems were designed for legacy payroll processing, not for the demands of RTI and auto-enrolment.

We are also continuing to expand our client base across the mid-enterprise and the Public sectors.

We achieve this through a Partnership approach with our clients, taking them on a journey to continuously improve the way that they work by introducing workflow, alerts, communication templates and new features (such as Expenses, Time Clocking, Recruitment, and Talent) to make their processes more efficient. This approach enables us to understand the challenges and priorities for the HR professional and bring this real life experience back in-house to continuously improve the XCD HR solution.”

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