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You need your key information to hand when it comes to HR, yet many organisations are still muddling through in the dark ages. They are swimming in paper and spread sheets, and with important information scattered in many places. Key HR business information is either locked in the heads and filing cabinets of individuals or stuck in systems that aren’t integrated, or don’t communicate with each other or the rest of the business. It’s not a practical or sustainable way to run a modern HR function.

Take control

HR is all about taking control, and making running a complex organisation easier. At its most basic but important, XCD makes your business run smoothly. You stay compliant and legal. People get recruited, they get trained, they get the right salary, they get holidays. The board can make strategic HR decisions based on accurate information.

For HR visionaries

At its best HR helps you get the very best out of your people. Complete visibility of the whole employee journey – from hire to retire – that helps recruitment, work and performance management, personal development, career progression and attracting the talent that will drive your business to the next level.

Our system does both. You can start with the basics, and fine-tune the system to meet your business requirements – at your pace, as you want it. Think big, start simple.

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As one of our clients put it: “now we have a great system up and running we can enable our leaders to be leaders.”

Trusted platform

XCD puts you in control. If you’ve got a strategic vision for how you’d like your HR to work, and your organisation is going places, then this is HR that works for you.

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