Sanden Group’s story

Sanden group moves HR to the next level

The Sanden Group is a worldwide specialist in heating and cooling technologies. Sanden operates in 23 countries across Europe, America, Asia and Australia through 59 subsidiaries. XCD HR supports 14 sites across Sanden International Europe.

The challenge

Sanden needed to improve its HR function. They were managing employee data with spreadsheets, and absence management and performance management with Lotus notes. They needed an integrated self-service system that was also multi-language and multi-currency.

‘We couldn’t develop any further with the tools we had. Although we did have elements of self-service we just wanted to move HR to the next level.’

The need for multi-currency and multi-langauge limited our options. Doing a deep dive into similar companies that did offer multi-languages showed up their limitations. Other firms said ‘we can do French and German and that’s about it.

In the end we just felt that XCD was a true HR system written by HR people, rather than a finance payroll system with a bit of HR added on to it which was why we went with XCD.”

Samantha Webb – HR Sanden

The solution

XCD-Professional offers the multi-language, multi-currency solution that Sanden required, and we have tailored it to fit their requirements. The implementation has been done incrementally, starting with absence management, followed by performance management. Training and recruitment tools are now in progress. Next on the list are succession planning and e-learning, reward statements and automated reporting.

The results

Simpler reporting, more self service, visibility for managers.

“People within the business are saying it’s a lot simpler, it looks a lot better, and it’s a lot slicker.”

“It’s a lot more joined up for our Director of Finance. He gets the bigger picture of everything that’s going on in Europe: recruitment, everything. He can get his hands on data where he couldn’t before – he’d have to ask a separate unit to create something, he can get it together, coordinate it, now he’s got that access.”
“We can give managers information that they want. Now we’ve got our hands on all this data with the reporting it helps us define our HR strategy as a department. Once we get deeper into clever reporting it’s going to add even more value to management. The value of HR will be clearer too. So much of it is quantifiable once you have the data. HR will become a true business partner in the company, a real support to help manage team performance and all sorts of training and development.”

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“A true HR system written by HR people.”

Sam Webb, HR Manager, Sanden

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“This is HR come of age.”

Amber Hyatt, IT Director, Hydrogen Group

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“XCD HR works well with the way we like to do things.”

Gillian Horley, HR Administrator, Chase de Vere

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