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With XCD’s new integrated HR & Payroll system about to launch, we would like to show off its benefits and how it will transform your business.

Here are a few features XCD HR offer.



HR & Payroll: We know there is no simple formula to HR strategy & Payroll – it’s an art and not a science. Building a high performing team and developing the right company culture takes time. This is where HR can add real value to a company. HR should focus their effort on adding value and not pushing paperwork. The Payroll department can focus on getting employees paid on time.



Smart Devices: Let your employees use their smart phone to log that they are starting travelling on a work-related journey, this then tracks via GPS the distance they travel to their destination.  The employee can then submit the mileage claim immediately on arrival at their destination. Less hassle for both the employer and employee.


Employee Self Service: Our employees take ownership of their own records and can do everything online: updating their personal records, booking leave, completing timesheets and expenses. Managers and employees can then generate reports to audit and track all activities.



Sign Off: It is now easier to set up and control workflows (rather than using spreadsheets and other paper driven processes) therefore allowing managers to sign off leave with less hassle, prepare reviews and more through an easy to use interface and click of a button. Full reporting tracks all activities.



Processing Time: Our customers, by using the platform, massively increase their processing time as all transactions are based in the cloud; this provides faster access to data; less downtime and a “Martini” approach to business: anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. This means our customers’ HR departments become more effective by spending less time on paper driven processes and more time in managing and shaping the business.



Secure Payroll: Our solution can handle secure payroll and high profile Payrolls that may need to be handled by a more senior staff member: payrolls for senior management, or for the payroll department our, system allows only those that require access to see the necessary details they need.

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